A mix of uses f That trend takes the Colombian Coast

These projects have to do with land use and better quality of life.

The mixed-use projects, while not new, if they respond to a global trend in land use and a better quality of life, which arrives today tackles the Colombian Caribbean coast.

The world moves with such projects that bet to maximize the area of construction and to allow activities such as housing, work, recreation, hotels or shopping, finding various combinations of applications that respond to the area where they lodge develop developments , the market and the possibilities that the Territorial Management Plan POT in each region.

They are also a commitment to sustainable theme, as they decrease significantly displacements of people to get products or services, models where housing is very close to the office or varied commerce, where business travelers can stay in adjoining hotels conform to the offices of their customers and shopping in malls located in the same project, contributing positively in the time and quality of life.

“They certainly are and will be the most important and popular products in the region, that being in the Caribbean, has extensive contact to global trends that favor such uses and are market trend. The high need for infrastructure for economic development that has this Colombian rider will continue to strengthen the growth of mixed-use projects “- says Luis Eduardo Paez, vice president of Planning Ospinas.

Even this type of mixed-use projects are becoming more frequent and are aligned with the philosophy of builders as Amarilo that create cities within the city. “We want to inclusive areas, multi-layer and high standard of living, where the purpose is key so that they are not just bedrooms, but workplaces, leisure and have everything you need to live as we are proposing to buyers” Mario suggests Ciardelli, general manager of Amarilo.

In addition, they are responding to the commitment to innovation, city development and welfare of those living spaces.

“There are many reasons why these formats are becoming the favorite products of the promoters and the public. On the one hand is the need to complement the real estate segment stationary uses, such as tourism, with everyday uses such as trade and services, as well as reach financial close by the high value reached land. On the other side of the housing system are customers looking to meet their housing needs, housing, work, recreation and others, in a scenario where a project becomes a city, and the integration of the real estate business competition is, innovation and the transformation of what comes to the business of real estate, “adds Paez Ospinas.

So you can find integration projects such as the BD Cartagena Beach Club, which will have 516 vacation units overlooking the sea and 258 hotel rooms, four restaurants world-class, two theme bars, artificial lake about 250 meters long, spa, riding, water sports and services for those willing to invest in the project and for those who come to enjoy the hotel, as confirmed Emilio Borrella, Director of BD Promoters Colombia.

Others like Zazué Ospinas Constructora project in Santa Marta, demonstrating its effectiveness increasing sales and concentrating, as highlighted by the director of Fenalco Santa Marta, an effective offer great welcome and remarkable growth.

Zazué comes together in a condominium of 225 apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, exterior social areas with children’s pool, two swimming pools, hot tubs, BBQ area, beach volleyball and playground; a club house with gym, sauna and meeting room, and an office building where there is an air-conditioned lounge, wet and lockers area, which blends perfectly with the Zazué Plaza Shopping Center with 5,229 m2 of commercial space.

In Barranquilla another example of mixed use is the recently launched by the Amarilo construction, called Alameda del Rio, it will be a city within the city, with commerce, services, schools and colleges, among other benefits project.

Even more business formats such as AirPort Square in Cartagena that combines a shopping center, an office tower and the Best Western Plus hotel in an annex to the Rafael Nunez International Airport project, shows that the market is ready to grow on offer this such mixtures.

“The operational synergy of the three business units (offices, hotel and shopping center), allows a complete and in one place offer. By providing corporate offices and small type for sale or lease, we cover an interesting national and international local market. We build the future of the region and that we bet, “says Arturo Alberto Gómez Munévar, general manager of Promotora Air Port Plaza.

Source: Drafting TIEMPO.COM