Proyectos Inmobiliarios - Cartagena, Colombia.

AGS Development

Conceptualization and definition of the potential development in the area and determination of the master plan.

AGS Structure

Structuration and analysis of the pre-feasibility studies and financial closure.

AGS Management

Management and organization of construction, supervision, architectural and other design contracts. Project finalization and after sale guarantee services.


Sustainability Committee of Cartagena (CSC), a group of our collaborators meet to develop activities aimed at strengthening and generating academic awareness for sustainable methods in construction and architecture in the Colombian Caribbean coast.


MAINTAINANCE & OPERATION; Innovation in self-sustained and eco-efficient properties and administration control over general property facilities.

Strategic Alliances

After being recognized as the local promoter, we have built alliances with the most prestigious national and international companies; construction, architecture investments banking, and real estate companies, in order to guarantee excellent quality and attractive profitability in all of our projects.