AGS Building Initiatives

We are an organization with more than 12 years of experience, founded in March 2003 in Cartagena de Indias by Arturo Gomez Stevenson, who created an interdisciplinary team that has accompanied in reinventing the construction business in Colombia since the late nineties. AGS Consultants SAS was positioned in the market offering specialized services in project management, implementing the comprehensive management of real estate projects from conception to the moment of completion of the work and delivery to the new owners.

2007: AGS makes a strategic shift in its business model and initiates the structuring of real estate projects in operation. These are structured joint projects and other units including hotels, commercial, office, services, and housing, among others.

 2012: AGS Promotora de Proyectos, specializing in DEVELOPMENT BRAND, STRUCTURE and MANAGEMENT of real estate projects and joint projects were created.

 2014-2015: AGS prepares regional and national expansion replicating its business model in the system of strategic alliances that guarantee the necessary synergies to be competitive in a changing market that demands innovation. That is why it was decided at the end of 2014 in its policy of renewal, to make a change in your general direction, empowering the Board of Directors as a body for maximum address where majority decisions are approved. Thus he was appointed as a consultant and president of that board to Arturo Gomez Stevenson and the way for new generations printed his stamp on the company opened. His replacement as CEO was named Arturo Alberto Gomez Munevar, Economist, MBA from Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, who with the support of the other board members, are challenged to realize the goals and objectives for the growth of the company .

2016 : In a new strategic shift AGS Promotora de Proyectos  appoints Munevar Mauricio Gomez as General Manager of   the company , who has the challenge of leading the realization of the projects.