AGS Consultores was founded in March 2003 in Cartagena de Indias by Arturo Gomez Stevenson, who took the initiative to create a team to join him in reinventing the construction business after business mortgage crisis occurred in Colombia in the late nineties.

Since 2003, various favorable situations like low interest home loans, the incentives created by the National Government (AFC-savings accounts for the Promotion of Construction), and the devaluation of the currency against the dollar, made of new building projects Cartagena an attractive and safe investment. This positive trend encouraged many foreign buyers, foreign and domestic, to invest their savings in other currencies in housing in our country. These factors were decisive for AGS Consultores is positioned in the market and become the only company in the city that offer specialized services in project management, implementing comprehensive management of the project from conception to completion of the labor and delivery to the new owners.

In 2007 AGS makes a strategic shift in its business model and this is how in 2012 creates AGS PROMOTORA DE PROYECTOS, specializing in brand DEVELOPMENT,STRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT of real estate projects focused on hotels, commercial, office and industrial parks, Housing addition.

Given the tax incentives offered by the new law for hotel development, the next law of second homes and the characteristics of Cartagena as a port city, tourist, industrial, and commercial art AGS prepares draft that will undoubtedly be players in the near future of our region.

Business Administration from the University of the Andes (1977).
Specializations in Finance and Senior Management at the same University and International Trade in Banking and the establishment of the OEA in Lima, Peru.
Extensive experience in the financial sector was the basis for his knowledge of the construction business, so in 2003 he founded his own management company and real estate development, AGS Consultores. This visionary company has over 10 years of experience and developed over 12 projects for a total of approximately 110,000 m2 built mainly in residential units. Today, with the brand new AGS PROMOTORA DE PROYECTOS has made a strategic shift in the business model to focus on development, structure, and Project Management mixed tourist areas, industrial, commercial and housing.
Pioneer Construction resurgence in Cartagena, his projects have given a strengthening in the different sectors of the city by creating spaces for urban and social development.

He has participated as:

. Popular Bank Managing Cartagena-five years.
. CONAVI Regional Manager Commercial and Savings Bank, Cartagena and Caribbean Region 15.
. Chairman of the Board of Asobancaria-Chapter of Cartagena.
. Regional CAMACOL President Bolivar and member of the national board-period 2007-2009.
. Board Member, Technological University of Bolivar 2007-2009.
. Principal Member of the Board of the Club Cartagena-four years in different periods.